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Are you looking for an experienced painter and decorator in Portsmouth? Welcome to N W Decorating Ltd. We specialise in painting and decorating service for both commercial and residential projects. We offer a wide range of property management services including exterior decorating, industrial painting, stains and varnishes, weatherproofing, soffit painting and more. We offer both short-term and long-term contacts. Our services are available across Portsmouth and Hampshire. We are proud to provide our high-quality services at competitive rates. You can expect nothing less than the highest levels of professionalism from us. Give us a call TODAY.

Specialist Accountancy Areas of NW Decorating Ltd:

  • Activity Based Management

NW Decorating Ltd engages in the following accountancy sectors:

  • Housing Co-operatives

Taxation Accountancy Services NW Decorating Ltd covers:

  • Self Assessment Advice

Accountancy Memberships that NW Decorating Ltd is a member of:

  • TEP

64 Amberley Rd, Portsmouth, United Kingd


Tel - 7445777134
Fax -

Websites and Email Contact
The website of NW Decorating Ltd is - https://www.nwdecoratingltd.co.uk/

Number of Qualified Accountants
The total number of accountants practicing at this firm is 1

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