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ABIT CORP company main focus is software development where we regularly work with clients to produce software to meet their requirements. We cover the full software development lifecycle by working with clients to help them clarify their requirements which we then use to produce a concise but detailed specification for the development work. We do development and thoroughly test the software, while regularly gaining feedback during the process. After development is complete, if required we can perform the installation and future support for clients.\\r\\n\\r\\nWhen we take on a project we feel that itís important that the work which we create is of high quality which meets best practices and that provide my clients with a very good service and meet deadlines which have been agreed. ABIT CORP company development team is located in Indore, India and our Business development team is located in Canton Georgia USA\\r\\n\\r\\nThe types of projects we have worked on includes websites, desktop applications, server software, mobile apps, seo, network management software, HR software, Departmental or retail store software, School Management software and hotel management . We are also happy to look into other areas of development work due to having gained a wide range of experience over the years. One of the main reasons we have gained this wide range of knowledge is from pure interest in technology and because we enjoy learning different technologies. \\r\\nWe have been passionate about software development and were able to produce high quality commercial software. We have worked in most platforms and languages. Having a wide experience of programming and working in other fields allows us to quickly understand requirements and translate them into working systems. For the design part of web design we have a professional graphic and web designer. Having a specialist on board along with our marketing experience allows us to also offer all sorts of design services. This also gives us an edge over other application developers as our applications excel in both functionality and look.\\r\\nDedicated to delivering high quality solutions, paying much attention to modularity, security, simplicity and ease of use. We believe in prototyping, reducing complexity and automating repeatable tasks. Customer-oriented, not afraid to ask questions, always eager to present different ways to attack the problem and mix them up to create the optimal solution. Unique design & coding skills, complex systems analysis and improvement, web MVC, open source database internals\\r\\nWe are, combined, one of the highest skilled and most productive software developers in the world for our rates. We keep our costs low and our quality of work high to ensure that we not only deliver, but exceed clientís expectations on service, code and after sales care. We can offer our clients some amazing insights to the online world and also offer solutions such as Web/App hosting, storage solutions and best of all, bespoke software platforms in many, many different languages. Mobile app development is our passion. At present, we can to produce app features including:\\r\\n\\r\\nGPS Directions\\r\\nOne Touch Calling\\r\\nTell-A-Friend Feature\\r\\nFood Ordering Feature\\r\\nMobile Shopping Cart\\r\\nMobile Reservations\\r\\nMusic Player Feature\\r\\nLoyalty Card Feature\\r\\nCustom Email Forms\\r\\nVideo Integration\\r\\nBusiness CRM\\r\\nEvent Attendance\\r\\nBusiness Information\\r\\nPoints Of Interest\\r\\nEvent Listings Feature\\r\\nContact Information\\r\\nEmail Photo Feature\\r\\nNative Image Gallery\\r\\nFan Wall Feature\\r\\nPush Notifications\\r\\nGPS Coupons Feature\\r\\nSports Stats Feature\\r\\nMailing List Feature\\r\\nTip Calculator Feature\\r\\nQR Coupons Feature\\r\\nMortgage Calculator\\r\\nBlog Integration\\r\\nFacebook Integration\\r\\nTwitter Integration\\r\\nLinkedin Integration\\r\\nGet Response Int.\\r\\niContact Integration\\r\\nMailChimp Integration\\r\\nOpenTable Integration\\r\\nPodcast Integration\\r\\nMagento Integration\\r\\nInstagram Integration\\r\\nShopping Cart Feature\\r\\nNotepad Feature\\r\\nVoice Recorder Feature\\r\\nMobile Ads Feature\\r\\nFlickr Integration\\r\\nYouTube Integration\\r\\nand many more\\r\\n\\r\\nOur passion for apps will show as that we live and breathe this incredibly exciting industry and can help you in many ways after your project is complete. We have been using, fixing and programming computers since 2011.\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n

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100 Sarvsuvidha Nagar, KANADIYA ROAD, IN


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The website of ABIT CORP-Software development company in Indore is - http://www.abitcorp.com/software-solution.php

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