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Are you looking to avoid expensive repairs on your boiler? DHP is the company to go for all your gas appliance fitting and servicing needs. Our team of qualified gas engineers can also help you with all types of plumbing - leaks, blockage or power flushes. Not just that! Since our establishment in 2017, we have been diagnosing and repairing boilers, no matter what type of boiler our commercial or residential client has. Based out of East London, we cover East London and surrounding areas. If you have a faulty boiler or a plumbing issue, call us on 07591243153. \\r\\n \\r\\n \\r\\n \\r\\n

Specialist Accountancy Areas of DPH (Domestic Plumbing and Heating):

  • Company Secretarial Service

DPH (Domestic Plumbing and Heating) engages in the following accountancy sectors:

  • This firm specialises in no accountancy

Taxation Accountancy Services DPH (Domestic Plumbing and Heating) covers:

  • Employee

Accountancy Memberships that DPH (Domestic Plumbing and Heating) is a member of:

  • TEP

Whitechapel London

E1 3EQ

Tel - 07591243153
Fax -

Websites and Email Contact
The website of DPH (Domestic Plumbing and Heating) is - http://www.dphlondon.co.uk/

Number of Qualified Accountants
The total number of accountants practicing at this firm is 1

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